The Arz deli counter offers an incredibly wide selection of flavorful foods, from common household staples to fine delicacies.

The cheese section houses an array of ambrosial cheeses in various types and brands, including four types of feta, and our extraordinary freshly-made Labneh. Pair these with any one of the savory ready to eat deli meats, which include Halal chicken, turkey, and beef.

Living up to its reputation for olives, the Arz deli has an astounding 26 flavors and types of olives. The choices are endless, ranging from mellow chopped green olives to exquisite Moroccan, tasteful Sicilian, and piquant spiced ones.

To flavor your food we offer an array of exotic salts from around the globe, including Organic New Zealand sea salt, Mediterranean sea salt, and Himalayan pink mountain salt. To finish off with dessert, try some heavenly Halva, a tahini based sweet that comes in vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio flavours.


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